Luxury Soaps for Dirty People

Know what's in your soap!

From oils to lye, packaging, and everything in between.

Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender Essential Oil

Humans have been using essential oils for centuries to treat any number of ailments and maladies. While there can be limited science to back up the countless testimonials advocating their uses and benefits, one can not deny that no matter the claims, lavender essential oil is simply delightful.

Ingredient Spotlight: Activated Charcoal

No, not the stuff that goes in your barbecue that comes in briquettes, that’s something different. Activated charcoal is what we’re here for today. Let’s take a look at the amazing properties of this black beauty.

We All Have a Type

Do you ever notice the difference between those pretty, clear bars of soap and a traditional-looking bar of soap? That those clear ones usually have something neat imbedded in them? Or that those normal-looking soaps feel better when you’re washing with them?

Disappearing Soap Act

We’ve all experienced it; you just bought a new bar of soap and poof! In an instant it’s gone. Melted away down the drain, never to be seen again.

The Science Behind Soap

Soap making is an ancient art form dating back to Babylon circa 2800 BC. How they discovered it, my research has yet uncover, but we do know it’s been around for centuries. Back then they didn’t have calculators, scales, or food-grade, lab-created chemicals.

What Goes Into Making Your Soap?

How often do you think about your soap? Once daily while you’re in the shower? When you’re at the store picking out a new bar? Let’s take a look at what goes into making a bar.

At the Apex of Art and Science

One of the biggest reasons we fell in love with soap making is because it is the perfect blend of both art and science. It appeals fully to our left and right brain sensibilities.

Why Use Handmade Soap?

Find out why using handcrafted soaps is better than using store bought.

Your felted soap is AWESOME! I usually have to scrub my face again after my shower, because it flakes so much, but not after using your felted soap! Your soap is gentle on my sensitive skin, and the felted soap really exfoliates my face. More please! :)

Lauren B.