Accolades & Praise

We always love to hear from our customers! Feel free to send us your feedback anytime via our Contact Page. Below are some kind words that have been sent our way.
Having sensitive skin I’ve tried many kinds of soap, with limited success, that would provide cleansing without drying my skin or leaving an unpleasant film.  I’ve tried several of Oak City Soap’s brand and have been very impressed.  They lather well, clean well and seem to condition my skin.  There is no drying effect and no oily residue. It’s obvious that the company understands what they’re all about and care about creating a quality product.  There’s no question that I’ll be using Oak City Soap regularly.
Guy R.

I’ve tried two Oak City Soaps, and both have been fantastic. The chocolate really does feel (and smell!) like a delightfully sinful chocolate shower, and the lemon poppy seed kicks me into gear first thing in the morning. Great stuff!
Isaiah K.

Your felted soap is AWESOME! I usually have to scrub my face again after my shower, because it flakes so much, but not after using your felted soap! Your soap is gentle on my sensitive skin, and the felted soap really exfoliates my face. More please! 🙂
Lauren B.

I’m extremely finicky when it comes to products I use on my skin, as I have a medical condition that leaves me very dry. Also, my medications can cause some itching, but I have been using a variety of soaps from Oak City and have found them to not only be non-irritating, but also soothing.”The aromas are not too intense, yet leave a fresh and delightful residual scent that happily hangs thru out my day. A friend of mine has said she loves just having them around for the scent alone, not to mention them BEING A SOAP… LoL… (Her favorite being “Witches Brew”).
My favorite is the “An Apple Ale Day” beer soap. And my husband also enjoys this product. I’ve also had a love affair with the chocolate soap from your company. What woman doesn’t adore being bathed in chocolate, right?
Carolyn N.

We have been using your soaps exclusively (until they run out), and we love them.  The feel is good, the smells are great, and they aren’t drying on the skin.  Altogether a great combination.

Angela E.

I no longer use a makeup remover for my waterproof eye makeup. I was surprised how the Goat’s Milk & Aloe removed all makeup easily.

Lynn L.